Our hearts and prayers go out to all those in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bangladesh that have been affected by the earthquake on April, 25th, 2015.    May they be safe.

Tibetan House has set up an Indiegogo drive to raise money for our friends, community partners and loved ones living in Kathmandu, Swayambhu, Patan, Boudha and Bhaktapur, to be delivered personally in September. Much of what you have seen in our shop comes from these areas. We will also make donations to smaller relief organizations that we hear are doing good work.

To donate, please visit our campaign: NOLA 4 NEPAL

Below we have information and pictures about the relief efforts we are supporting.


Our Partners: Artists & Vendors in Nepal

Nepal Collage 1

Maiti Nepal

Tibetan House was very happy to give a portion of our NOLA 4 Nepal donations to Maiti Nepal.

You can learn more about their amazing work through this video from the 2011 CNN Heros Ceremony where

Anuradha Koirala tells her heroic story of showing her contribution in reducing female girl trafficking around the world from Nepal.


Below is a link to the April 29th CNN story about Maiti Nepal’s relief efforts following the earthquakes


Pema Chime’s Relief Efforts

We are currently sending funds to our dear friend, Pema Chime, who was born and raised in a mountain village of Nepal, very near the border of Tibet. In fact, it the very same village portrayed in the movie, Himalaya. She is very familiar with the urgency and difficulty of getting to these remote villages. Her father and brother are currently in Boudha working with monks and nuns in the recovery. Pema will be joining them soon, along with her other friends as shown in the photos.

Monsoon season begins in June and lasts for four months.  Many people will be in tents and only able to rebuild once the rain slows in September. Staying as dry as possible during these four months is critical to the heath and well-being of those in need.

With this in mind, Pema is currently in Dehli purchasing hundreds of tarps, ponchos and rain suits which will be shipped to Kathmandu and received by her family and friends. On her imminent return to Kathmandu, she will be joining an organized relief team of monks and nuns to distribute them in remote areas.

Pema will also be purchasing hundreds of pounds of rice in Kathmanudu which will be distributed along with the rain gear and tents.

If you would like to support Pema, you can do so at our fundraising site, Indiegogo NOLA 4 NEPAL

Pema Relief Collage 2

Update from Pema on May 24, 2015

Dear friends, donators, and well wishers,
Here is some photos of the tour you have helped making it Happen. It was an amazing day!
And I wish you all the merit of this compassionate contributions you and I have done to the humanity.
It was hard trip as you know Sindupalchok, Dolkha is one of the worst hit area so the roads were mostly either cracked or land slide. We got held in scary storm, But we are all well, exhausted but happy:)

Pema Collage Rural Relief

As much as I wish to carry on this relief work here in Nepal, I have to be in India. I will be back and wish to do more work for restoring our country.
Still the rain supplies we have ordered in Delhi has not come yet. I have to leave Nepal in few days, so I m sending those funds for Monsoon supplies to Phakchok Rinpoche’s earthquake relief foundation, as I know it will be the best.
There is some money left after the whole trip… Which I m gonna light 108 butter lamps at Boudha Stupa for the people we have lost during the earthquake. And rest of the money will go to the rebuilding and restore of Boudhanath stupa.
Thank you all for your great amount of donation and organizing help from your families and friends. And your genuine support. May we be able to do much more good work again and again. Much gratitude and lights.



 Update from Pema on May 22, 2015

Dear Tibetan House,
Today I m very very happy:))) YeY!!!
We have loaded 2 big trucks of food and Shelter supplies for over 150 homes, [impacting] much over 750 people. It is amazing how much happiness in helping others. Tibetan House you have been huge huge part of this, I’m much humbled. Tomorrow morning we leave at 4am we are 4 people not including 2 drivers. My brother, my good friend and a local person from the village.
Thank you. Much gratitude

Yours, Pema

Pema and her team are heading to Sindupalchok district, Haylambu, the worst hit district plus it one of the biggest districts in Nepal.

Any money that Pema has left over she will donate to the rebuilding of Boudha Stupa.  She says, “Yeah they have already bought the bamboos and ropes for repair but not yet started. I m praying every day for it to happen and life be back to normal, now our life is so empty and sad seeing Stupa damaged.”

Pema Collage 4

Update from Pema on May 19th, 2015

Today I meet up with two great friends. They have already done 4 times individual distribution in remote areas before, so I m fortunate that they have time, energy and heart to help me fully to give me good direction, advice and accompany me.

We did some inspection tour today to Sankhu which is just little outside Kathmandu city.
The whole beautiful old town is down to dust, I have been in this town many times in my life but today we had difficulty even to pass through. It is sad!
But we asked around and talked about many things. As it being very close to Kathmandu it gets more attention from some good Ngo and also our Useless government ( cause it’s easy to reach).

After Sankhu trip, We went to Swymbhunath to check on newly arrived 480 refuges from Langtang because as you all know Langthang Vally is now just an history town there is not even one shelter left after the last earthquake it all demolished, 150 people mostly youths died by trying to escape.
I meet a monk among them named Sangpo who is helping around he lost every one of his family, they are all gone! But it was amazing to see him smile and trying his best to help the rest of the people from village! Just amazing! Great inspiration!
Now they are all staying in the garden of one Monestery near Swyambu.

So me and my friend decided to donate over One Lakh 1,00000 rupees worth of rice to Langthang disaster relief tomorrow morning. 100 sack of rice, one full truck.

As all are aware of one of the worst hide area is Sindupalchok, and it remote area so not enough help reaching there, so I have decided to go there on Saturday, starting our journey at 3am morning and be back late night.
We will take one truck fill in with 150 sack of Rice, 150 packets of Cooking oil, and 150 packets of Salt to distribute among 150 homeless families in Sindupalchok district. It would cost about 2 lakh 15-20 thousands rupees including transportation of goods, me, and my friends.

I m thinking to Carry sacks of Lentil ( Dal ) but I will need more Donations to buy this.
So If Any one wish to distribute or complete the traditional Nepalies plate of meal smile emoticon “Dal Bath” then Please Please sent me message as soon as possible about how to sent Donation.

One bad news is the rain supplies that was mean to arrive couple of day after I arrive has not even been sent yet from Delhi frown emoticon such a disappointment! He said he will cargo it on coming Sunday plus 1 week to get here it’s disaster if you have to relay on ….!
Anyway We can do what We can now! smile emoticon

Thank you all the kind friends for being patient with me smile emoticon and who have sent me money to make this all happen, it might be small drop in the ocean But big act of Care, Love, support, humanity, unity of human heart!
Thank you again and I will keep you posted with pictures later:)

Much gratitude and light

Pema Relief Collage 3


Triten Norbutse Bonpo Monastery

One of the groups we would like to support does not have a site. It is the Triten Norbutse Monastery in Swayambhu, on the west side of Kathmandu. Some of our favorite Tibetan merchants are in Swayambu. I would like to deliver a sizable donation to this monastery in September. Below is a segment about the work they are doing.

Triten Norbutse Monastery and Bonpo Foundation in Monks during a rescue mission in Nepal

Under the guidance of Khenchen Lungtok Tenpa Youndung Rinpoche, the monks of Triten Norbutse Bonpo monastery in Swayambhunath, Kathmandu, participated in relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Nepal.

The monks offered prayers for the deceased, carried rescue operations, dug out bodies from the debris of crashed buildings and provided free medical facilities to the injured.

Triten Norbutse monastery along with the Bonpo Foundation also invited medical experts from various other countries and held free western medical and Tibetan traditional medical check-ups for three days.

The aid team also visited rural areas like Sindhupalchowk, Helembuvde, Kwal etc. and provided them with basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing.

The team agreed to provide assistance in any natural disasters in the future.’



 Tibetan House extends deep gratitude to those who have generously donated, with trust that we will get the donations to those in-need in Nepal.