Lama Lena Teachings, Feb 28-March 3, 2020

There is a subtle yet very apparent wave of excitement when word gets out that Lama Lena is arriving soon. Clear your calendars from February 28th to March 3rd. Teachings will be offered at Louisiana Himalayan Association (LHA), Clearwater Sanctuary Compassion Retreat in Bush, LA, Swan River, and Tibetan House.
About Lama Lena
Lama Lena (Yeshe Kaytup) is a teacher of Direct Mind Perception Meditation and a lineage holder of several Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Her informal style is precise and direct and she is revered by students around the world for her exceptional ability to share profound teachings in a clear, poetic, and humorous way.
Beginning in 1972, Lama Lena spent three years studying with Lama Thubten Yeshe at his monastery in Nepal. She then spent seven years in retreat and practice in a small cave above Tso Pema under the tutelage of her root teacher, Ven. Wangdor Rimpoche. She continued to travel extensively with him as his translator and assistant.
Having also studied Chinese medicine, Lama Lena had a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2005 she returned to Tso Pema to assist Wangdor Rimpoche. She currently lives on the mountain above Lotus Lake with her two khandros where she provides medical assistance to the Tibetan refugee community, the local Indian villagers, and mountain tribespeople.
At the request of H.E., Zigar Choktrul Rimpoche and Ven.Wangdor Rinpoche – as well as many Western and Tibetan dharma students – she has been traveling, teaching, and translating from the lineages she holds.
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Teaching Schedule:

Schedule of Teachings:
Friday, February 28 – Saturday, February 29
Dzogchen for All Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
LHA Community Center
623 N Rendon Street

Friday, February 28

Saturday, February 29
11:00am-1:00pm and 3:00pm-5:00pm

Sunday, March 1
Joyous Renewal Mini Retreat
11:00am Arrival
Choice of karma yoga or vinyasa pranayama
Light lunch and nature walk
Dzogchen and the Nature of Mind Teaching and Practice: Lama Lena Teaching
Bonfire, music, dinner
Clearwater Sanctuary Compassion Retreat in Bush, LA
For information, call: (985) 630-1009
Suggested donation: $20-$30
Dana offering to Lama Lena

Monday, March 2

Tibetan Ati Yoga
Swan River Yoga
2940 Canal Street

Tuesday, March 3

Guru Rinpoche Pith Teachings
Tibetan House
4900 Tchoupitoulas St

Donations & Offerings:
Traditionally Buddhist teachings are given free of charge because they are considered priceless – nobody can place a fee on something that brings complete liberation from suffering. Not charging for teachings is also done with the motivation of making the Dharma accessible to everyone, so that nobody is excluded from attending due to lack of funds.

In the Buddhist tradition, however, there is also the practice of generosity by making monetary offerings for Dharma teachings. This expression of generosity, referred to by the Sanskrit term ‘Dana’, is not payment for services rendered; rather it is an offering given freely from the heart in appreciation of the Dharma. It is a gift that supports not only the teachers and the wider Dharma community, but also one’s own practice.

We request a donation per event/venue to cover expense of travel, lodgings, meals etc. We suggest a $20 donation. Whatever donation works for you is appreciated.

Offerings,Dana, are handed to the teacher in a white envelope after the teaching. You will notice a line forming. We supply white envelopes.