Awakening! How Meditation can Transform your Life

An introduction to the Clairvision style of Inner Alchemy

Thursday, January 23
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Tibetan House. 4900 Tchoupitoulas Street
Suggested $20 donation

What exactly is meditation and inner alchemy and how does it work? What’s the difference in styles and what are the results?
How do I decide what’s right for me?

Learn how meditation can transform you and your life to be better and more fulfilling, with greater clarity, focus and joy.

Bring your questions!

About the Instructor
Robert Volinsky  has been a body-mind therapist, Reiki/energetic healer and meditator since 1996. He has been a student of the Clairvision School for over 13 years and is an IST Practitioner practicing in Manhattan. He brings his passion of exploring limits, and his curiosity about the mind and consciousness to his work and teaching. He is excited by the possibility of inspiring others to be more, to transform, and by helping others to know themselves more honestly and deeply.

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