“Goodbye Gift Shop” Sale

We are saying good bye to our Gift Shop, and with the New Year we will be opening up the showroom space for events, rentals, classes, teachings, ceremonies, pop-up sales and hopefully much more.

The first step in this transformation is a

Great Big

“Goodbye Gift Shop”
Fond Farewell Sale!!!!!!


There is an abundance of wonderful gifts for the holiday season, and every gift comes with a story at Tibetan House.

Our original inspiration rested on the purchasing of statues, malas, ritual objects, thangkas, crafts from Tibetans in Exile, living in India and Nepal. It has been a profound, heart opening, and life changing experience. Almost every item purchased in the store right now was a transaction that involved eye contact, laughter, sharing and often an invitation into the home of the merchant or craftsperson. Each year we were met with warm embraces and remembrance, a feeling we hope has been infused into all the pieces we brought back to New Orleans.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to share all these gifts and memories with you. It is our intent that we continue the same transmission with our classes, events and ceremonies.

We will continue to carry prayer flags and incense, and a few other fabulous items. We’ll keep you posted!!