‘Real World Conservation’, An Evening with Dr. Jordan Karubian

Thursday, October 10, 2019frog_1
Tibetan House
4900 Tchoupitoulas Street
Suggested donation: $10

We turn on the TV or the radio and learn that fires are burning the Amazon, storms are threatening our shores and coral reefs are withering. Hearing these stories of environmental degradation and loss, we feel sadness and anxiety along with a mounting sense of helplessness: what can we as individuals do to change this downward spiral?

This is the story of how a team of individuals from very different backgrounds and skill sets have come together to make a difference in one of the last great remaining rainforests on the Pacific coast of Ecuador – a ‘conservation hotspot’ of global importance.

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As Dr. Jordan Karubian, a Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University, will explain, the key to conserving these exceptional forests is to engage with local human residents in a meaningful and mutually respectful way to find win-win solutions.

Dr. Karubian will present an honest appraisal of what real-world conservation looks like and provide concrete actions that you as an individual can take to make a positive impact.