Sound Therapy, Led by Diane and Ray Matherne

Saturday, May 2554519817_1924615607650211_2806513888143605760_n
Tibetan House
4900 Tchoupitoulas Street
Fee: $25
Pre-registration required as space is limited.

To register, contact Tibetan House or (504) 897-9339

“Our bodies vibrate to a certain frequency. Sound is vibration and energy. Every cell in our bodies responds to sound. When our cells are in harmony with the sound, it brings healing to the body.

Diane and Ray bring sounds of healing to the mind, body and soul with Crystal Singing Bowls, drums and other instruments. The vibration can be felt in the body. Bring your favorite blanket, pillow or anything that will bring ease and comfort in helping to release stress and bring the body to a relaxing state.

Let us celebrate each other in raising our vibration and setting us free from anything that is holding us back from becoming who we are.”

Diane and Ray Matherne come from Houma,  LA. They have been doing Sound Therapy for 6 years.