Being Present with What Is: A Spontaneous Evening w/ Will Ryken

Saturday, September 8, 7:00pmIMG_7145
Tibetan House
4900 Tchoupitoulas Street

It is a rare and wonderful privilege to sit with

Will Ryken.

To sit with Will, chat with Will, be in the same room with Will, is guaranteed to brighten your perspective and lighten the depths of your being. This is so because Will simply ‘is’. He is a true testament to the teachings that he received from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

About Will Ryken
Dapön Ryken became a student of Trungpa Rinpoche in October 1972 and joined the Dorje Kasung in 1975, attending the 2nd Magyal Pomra Encampment in 1979. He became the personal attendant to Rinpoche, and spent thirty years in Boulder in association with Shambala.

Dapön Ryken now lives in Ruskin FL, along with his wife Paula Bickford, Kadö and their three dogs. Will and Paula are active members of the St. Petersburg Fl Shambhala Center and teach around the Shambhala world. This year Dapön Ryken was appointed a Shastri. Dapön Ryken is widely known and beloved around the Shambhala Mountain Center for his insight, wisdom and humor.