August 2018 Newsletter



August 2018 Newsletter

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‘Sitting In Stillness’ Meditation Class

will only take place on

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Coming Up at Tibetan House

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Based Relapse Prevention for Addictions
  • Basic Buddhist Meditation from a Zen Perspective Course
  • Ayurveda Events with Bethany Cantin in September and October
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist Practice Group Trip to India
  • Support Healthcare Campaign for Tibetan Refugees in Northern India


Mind-Body-Spirit Based

Relapse Prevention for Addictions

with Dr. Jose Calderon

Wednesday evenings, 7:00pm-9:00pm

August 22

August 29

September 5

September 12

Fee for the workshop is $80.

Wanting, aversion, and confusion are at the core of many unskillful behaviors including addictions. Entering and sustaining recovery often requires skillful use of psychological, behavioral and ethical/spiritual tools.
This is a 4-week workshop for those wanting to learn or modify skills to sustain sobriety from chemical or behavioral addictions. This workshop teaches mindfulness, mind-body medicine, and cognitive behavioral skills to support your practice and complement any other form of addiction treatment, 12-steps, SMART recovery, or Refuge Recovery work you may be doing. Selective mind-body skill may include gentle mindful movements and other forms of embodied mindfulness practices, meditation, imagery, cognitive behavioral skills and other.

Participants are required to attend all 4 sessions, come to sessions sober, and commit to practice between sessions.

To register please contact Tibetan House, or

(504) 897-9339.

About Jose Calderon-Abbo, M.D.

Dr. Calderón is board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine, with an additional certification in mind-body medicine. He is a long time Vipassana practitioner, and mind-body medicine group facilitator. Dr. Calderon is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry with LSU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, Clinical faculty at Tulane University, and is the Medical Director of the New Orleans Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. He is Senior Faculty at the Center for Mind- Body Medicine in Washington DC. where he conducts national and international trainings and supervision in mind-body medicine skills for the general public, healthcare providers and the department of defense. He is developing and studying an emergent model for relapse prevention and mental health care combining neurosciences, mind-body medicine, and functional medicine for mental health, wellness, and addictions.


9-week Courses in

Basic Buddhist Meditation from a Zen Perspective with Thich Thien Tri

Zen teacher Thich Thien Tri, Thay, will be leading this course. He graduated from Vietnamese Buddhist Association with a Bachelor of Arts in Buddhism. Since his arrival in the USA in 2002, Thay has taught in many US cities. In July 2015, he was invited by Van Hanh Buddhist Center of New Orleans to establish ’Zen and Mind Family’.
This course is progressive, each class building on the previous class. You will be introduced to these practices:
• Four Noble Truths
• Six Senses and the objects of Six Senses
• Sitting, standing, walking meditation
• Chanting
• Mani Mantra
This course will take place:
Thursday evenings, 6:30pm-8:30pm
August 9 – September 27

Fee: $200

For more information, contact

Master Thay at (504) 452-0891 or

Required pre-registration begins August 1, contact Tibetan House at

Location: Tibetan House

4900 Tchoupitoulas St.
If you have to miss a class, Thich Thien Tri will be happy to have a make up class with you.
Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate and graduate to the next level.
Please let us know if you would like to participate! We need five participants for the course to take place!


An Introduction to Ayurveda for

Vibrancy, Longevity & Optimal Health

Led by Bethany Cantin

Sunday, September 16


Tibetan House, 4900 Tchoupitoulas Street

Cost $35

To register, contact Tibetan House:

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old sister science to yoga which translates to “life knowledge”.  Ayurvedic principles connect us to the daily rhythms of nature through proper seasonal diets, daily routines (called dinacharya) and simple lifestyle changes, which can increase your vibrancy, longevity and create greater joy and balance in your life.

In this hands-on workshop we will discuss the great elements of Vata (air/either), Pitta (fire/water), and Kapha (earth/water) and how they apply to the seasons, times of day, stages of life and to you as an individual.

We will determine your unique blend of these elements, known as your prakruti, and you will leave with seasonal dietary suggestions, daily routines, as well as suggestions for the best practices to balance your unique being.

Bring a notebook, a pen, and an open mind.


Ayurvedic 8 day Fall Cleanse

for Optimal Health and Longevity

Led by Bethany Cantin

Pre Cleanse meeting

Saturday, October 6, 11:00am-12:30pm

Fee $110

Cleanse Dates 

October 14-21

Cleanse Wrap Up Meeting:

Saturday, October 20, 11:00am-12:30pm

To register, contact Tibetan House:

Please reach out with any questions to:

Ayurvedic cleanses are used for optimizing health and prolonging life by removing physical, chemical and mental impurities from your body to restore you to a balanced, healthier way of life.

We start with a 1.5 hour meeting a week prior to the cleanse start date to familiarize ourselves with the many details of the cleanse. I will provide everyone participating in the cleanse with an in-depth, 20 page manual that will detail every single aspect of the ayurvedic cleanse and this will be reviewed and handed out at the meeting.

In a nutshell, the cleanse is 8 days long and starts with a 3 day diet of whole grains, seasonal fruits veggies. This is followed by 3 days of a mono diet of “kitchari” which is a wonderfully healing, warm, deeply nutritional and cleansing dish of basmati rice, mung beans, spices and vegetables. We finish the cleanse with 2 days of a rejuvenation phase of slowly incorporating smart food choices back into your diet.

Daily rituals that balance and restore you (called dinacharya) are incorporated into every day of the cleanse.

I will send daily emails to everyone participating in the 8 day cleanse to support you in the process and to share additional ayurvedic wisdom that will deepen your experience each day.  I will also be available to answer any questions you may have each day of the cleanse.

If you have specific health concerns it is advisable that you see me for a private ayurvedic consultation before the cleanse starts.


Join the Mindfulness Group Trip to India

Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist Practice

September 7 – September 20

This small group adventure to visit Tibetan Refugee settlements in Northern India will provide a foundational understanding of mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. Core concepts include:

  • Karma,
  • Interdependence,
  • Impermanence, and
  • Working with destructive emotions.
These topics will be explored through readings, lectures, site visits, and discussions. The group will meet with a wide array of Tibetan teachers and lay persons living these ancient Himalayan Wisdom traditions.

Trip Guides

Neil Guidry, On-site Coordinator

Neil is a founding member of the Louisiana Himalaya Association (LHA), established in 1997. He has lived and worked with the Tibetan community in northern India for six months every year since that time. Over these past 20 years he has helped to organize and coordinate over 50 groups from Louisiana to the Himalayas while at the same time working on projects with the exiled Tibetan community there. At home in Louisiana he organizes fundraisers to support those projects and has taught Global Social Work and Buddhism at Tulane for 12 years. The host organization for this trip is LHA Charitable Trust in Dharamsala, India, where Neil serves as Advisor and Consultant.

Venerable Tsering Phuntsok, Cultural Advisor and Translator

Venerable Tsering Phuntsok is one of the 250 monks of Palyul Nyingma Monastery. He specializes in Sacred Lama Dance and Ritual Ceremonies. His main position for the monastery is overseeing the general health of the monks. He speaks fluent Tibetan, English, Hindi and Nepali. His happy demeanor paired with a vast knowledge of the cultures and traditions of the area make Tsering the perfect guide.

For more information or to sign up for a trip, contact:

Jocelyn Pinkerton, Logistics Coordinator

View photos and updates about Mindful India Trips

by following our facebook page

Help provide much-needed healthcare

to Tibetan Refugees in Dharamsala, India

During the past two months, volunteer medical students from Loyola Nursing School, LSU Medical School and Tulane Medical School have been in Northern India providing free medical, dental, and eye care assessments to hundreds of Tibetan Refugees.  The team has found that over 50% of those screened need to be referred to local clinics & hospitals to get the care they need.  The total cost of these referred services is estimated to be only $3330.

We are hopeful that, with your help,

we can raise these much-needed funds!

Click here to add your support!

On average, the cost of care in Northern India is as follows;

-Medical Referrals average $15 each, includes medication if needed

-Dental Referrals average $35 each, includes cleaning and dental work

-Referrals for eye care average $25 each, includes eyeglasses

-Emergency care costs vary

A little bit goes a long way!

Monks of all ages at the monastery in Bir, India receive hygiene education and health assessments from the Medical Service Trip participants

For more information about this service trip

and other opportunities to travel to Northern India,

contact Mindful India Trips at

May all beings never be apart from the supreme bliss

which is free of all suffering!

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