Uplifting and Presencing Space with Martha Hayden

An Afternoon with Martha Hayden

Martha Hayden

We are very excited to have Martha Hayden visit us for a week. A joy to be with, Martha’s gift of insight and clarity regarding sacred space is exceptional. She will be here for a free talk on January 14, and will be offering an afternoon workshop on Sunday, January 17.

“A deep and fruitful meditation practice bears such gifts! The centered calm and inner strength we gain help us move through crazy busy days with grace. Those precious moments we touch on high states of sublime Being instill precious joy and sometimes, piercing clarity. Yet we often falter, slipping out of practice or letting our sessions get rote and stale. We lose our way.”

In her talk and later in the workshop, Martha Hayden will explore how we might cultivate a more meaningful practice. “How do we make room for meditation in our lives? What can we do to transform our physical environment to make it more conducive to daily meditation, more beautiful and more inviting? And how might we go about refining the space energetically so deeper and richer spaces land?”

Space Clearing Ms. Hayden has a background in Eastern/Western philosophy and wellness. She studied meditation at the Clairvision School and certified with Karen Kingston as a space clearer. For many years she worked in acute care psychiatry, and later built a practice as a bodyworker and meditation based personal growth coach. Presently, she travels throughout the US to do space clearing and consults with individuals who seek transformation and awakening.

Please consider attending a talk or workshop, booking an individual reading, and/or setting up a space clearing.

Martha will be here for a limited time. Space clearings require at least 3 hours for completion, followed by a quiet, contemplative time in your home. The number of Space Clearings available are limited. We will schedule appointments first come, first serve. We look forward to hearing from you.

Free Talk
Thursday, January 14
Tibetan House, 4900 Tchoupitoulas Street

Afternoon Workshop
Sunday, January 17

For more information, contact Tibetan House at info@tibetanhouse.com.