October 2015 Newsletter

Pictures and reflections on trip to Nepal & India

October 2015 Newsletter
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On the Road with Tibetan House

Certainly there is a romance about traveling half way around the world. It seems every one of us has a fantasy of some kind about what it must be like ‘over there’. Many travel to India and Nepal with an idea about spirituality, practicing meditation or attending a yoga retreat, or trekking the mystical high slopes of the Himalayas, or visiting remote Monasteries built ages ago in a time that seems timeless.

I, on the other hand, travel half way around the world to shop. This is my job, one that came without a description or formal plan. I would just go to India and Nepal, and find Tibetans in Exile that make beautiful things, and I would buy them and ship them back to New Orleans in hopes that folks back home would be interested. And I did just that, with the help of a few dear friends that spend a lot of time in Dharamsala, and Kathmandu.

It has become so much more than a shopping spree. Our worlds, the merchants and my own, couldn’t be more different. Yet, there we are. Often on the ground, or standing by a stall, or sitting in a little shop. It is often loud, horns honking, dust everywhere, a patina of grime that is accepted as just the way it is. We share tea, converse about life, and how it’s all going. I only speak English, and often my vendors don’t. We converse with smiles, and laughter, and a lot of touching and playfulness. Casually I spot something that intrigues me and I put it aside.

Slowly I gather together enough to make a purchase, enough to make a difference. I know that the money I spend will feed their family, help with the children’s education or heath, and further their livelihood. I know that money will be spent at the out door food market, and the farmers will be able to use that money for their families, and they can buy the clothes that are needed. And it is easy to see the money go around and through their community. I don’t negotiate, I honor their price.

This trip, my fourth one, I was often given a discount, and always given a gift, sometimes several. An intimacy has been established. I remember their names, their family members, and I have photos from previous trips. This time Yzomo’s daughter was in the hospital and she was very distressed. Mapocho isn’t at her stall as much, as she is taking her grandson to school now, and picking him up. There are a lot more hugs, and welcoming smiles. Sheesh Ram in Bhaktapur is trying to keep his workers working, as they all lost their homes, he lost his ‘factory’, his shop and his home. Tashi, a Tibetan Nomad – his beautiful jewelry is displayed in our treasure chest – is thinking of moving his family to Australia. He lived the first 22 years of his life a nomad and 20 years in Dharamsala. This year I visited Ramesh at his home in the Dharamsala slums.
Every now and then, someone will ask why I don’t just go to the warehouses in Delhi. It would be so much cheaper.
And that is what’s wrong in the world today: Going for what’s cheaper so that we can make more profit.
We would rather be on the streets, meeting these amazing people with one of a kind treasures. And that’s where the magic is. Each piece that is shipped back to New Orleans has its own history, its own story to tell. Each piece has contributed to someone’s livelihood in Nepal or India. Each piece carries with it a bit of romance, a bit of fantasy, a bit of a timeless spiritual essence, connecting us to them, to each other, to ourselves.

Awakening the Third Eye:

A Meditation Workshop for 21st Century Spiritually

October 23rd – October 26th at Tibetan House

We are very excited to host our first Awakening the Third Eye weekend course at Tibetan House. This is wonderful, highly engaging and transformative work. It’s also fun, adventurous and unlike anything you have experienced before.

Awakening the Third Eye: A Meditation Workshop for 21st Century Spiritually

The direction of this meditation practice is towards clarity and simplicity, bringing a sense of well-being into your life experience. This style of meditation is especially helpful for those who wish to have their practice be a part of their life, regardless of how busy it may get.

In this weekend course, you will learn a technique that develops awareness of the third eye, an energetic organ of perception. From this space of the third eye we will explore easy and powerful ways to incorporate what you are learning into your daily life. The result will be a sense of awakening that has the potential to renew and invigorate your passion for life.

Because these techniques are straight forward and immediate, you will experience tangible results in this intriguing interactive weekend. Continuing with the practices will enhance your spiritual aspiration and connect you with a profound inner strength and joy.

Fri Oct 23 Evening Talk at Tibetan House

Sun Oct 25, 11am – 4pm at Tibetan House

Mon Oct 26 9:30 – 5:00pm at Tibetan House

Wenndi Freer, Instructor

Engage the Flow

Stress Management Workshops

Meditation Instructor

Space Clearing Consultant

Inner Space Techniques Practitioner

For more information about Wenndi Freer, contact www.wenndifreer.com

For more information about the workshop, contact Tibetan House

Wenndi will also be available for private sessions,

and Space Clearing in your home.


Films in October

Tibetan House screens documentary films about Tibet and Buddhism on Sunday evenings. Screenings begin at 7pm, suggested donation $5.

Blessings:The Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns of Tibet

Sunday, October 11

In Tibet, the word for woman translates as “lower rebirth.” In a remote eastern region of the country, the Tsoknyi Nangchen nuns defy this definition. Devoted to the ancient practices of Tibetan Buddhism – once primarily a male domain – over 3,000 nuns have attained elevated status. Blessings explains the Tibetan Buddhist monastic system and the changing role of women within itRunning time: 100 minutes

Link to trailer

Tibet in Song

Sunday, October 18

Tibet in Song is both a celebration of traditional Tibetan folk music and a harrowing journey into the past fifty years of cultural repression inside Chinese controlled Tibet. Director and former Tibetan political prisoner, Ngawang Choephel, weaves a story of beauty, pain, brutality and resilience, introducing Tibet to the world in a way never before seen on film.

Running time: 90 minutes

Link to trailer


Tibetan House’s Meditation Class Schedule

Unguided Silent Meditation

Silent Meditation is open to all who are inspired to sit in a dedicated space without guidance. For the Tuesday & Wednesday evening sessions, please arrive a bit before 6:00 and plan on sitting for at least half an hour.


Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00pm – 6:45pm

Store Hours (Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 5:30pm)


Sitting In Stillness: Introduction to Meditation Practice

At the heart of a sitting practice is the aspiration to shift into an awareness that is other than the activity of the worldly mind, an awareness that brings a sense of freedom, enthusiasm, serenity and reflection, an awareness that can awaken deep compassion. Meditation is cumulative. The process is about building a practice with continuity from which a meditative state can arise. The challenge is maintaining it. The rewards are profound, long reaching and full of wonder.

$10 drop in/$30 monthly

Tuesdays, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Wednesdays, 9:00am – 10:00am

Fridays, 10:00am – 11:00am

‘Discovering Buddhism’

An 8 week series, followed by a discussion and practice. ‘Discovering Buddhism’, is an in depth video series created by the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) addressing all aspects of establishing a Buddhist practice of meditation.

$10 drop in/$30 monthly

Wednesdays, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Intro to Tibetan Sound Healing

“One of the world’s oldest unbroken spiritual traditions is the Bon Buddhist tradition of Tibet. This wisdom path has survived thanks to the efforts of a handful of dedicated lamas, such as Bon lineage holder Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Now, with Tibetan Sound Healing, we can connect to the ancient sacred sounds of the Bon practice – and through them, activate our healing potential.”In this morning class we will be using the guided CD created by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche provided in his book, Tibetan Sound Healing: ‘The seven guided practices are designed to clear obstacles, cultivate positive qualities, and uncover your inherent wisdom.’

$10 drop in/$30 monthly

Tuesday, 7-8pm


In support of our community partners at the

New Orleans Healing Center we encourage you to check out the 8th Annual Anba Dlo Halloween Festival

The Invisible Waters of Return

Saturday, October 17th
New Orleans Healing CenterFree!

Anba Dlo VIII: The Invisible Waters of Return will feature a daytime Water Symposium led by a range of scientists, engineers, and city planners discussing New Orleans’s important and historic relationship with the water around us. Interactive art installations will allow goers to think about and interact with water in different ways. The Halloween Festival kicks off with an evening parade followed by food, drinks, bands, dancers, interactive art exhibitions and more. Come celebrate the spirit of water and New Orleans at Anba Dlo 2015!
Event Schdule

10:00am – 12:00pm Walk and Learn

12:00pm – 4:00pm Water Symposium

5:30pm – 7:00pm Parade

7:00pm – Midnight Halloween Festival

For more information, visit www.anbadlofestival.org


Thank you for supporting Tibetan House,

We hope to see you soon!

Avaloketsvara Temple at Lamayuru Monastery in Ladakh, India

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